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Finding a good and ready supply of craft ideas is a continual quest for those who love crafts. The challenge is to match your level of expertise with those on offer.

Most of the time you will want something that raises your dame a notch. Something that takes you out of your comfort zone and stretches you to apply your existing talent to new ideas. But there will be times when easy, fun crafts might be preferable.

Unless you already have a preferred supplier you will need to wade through various sites to see what is on offer.

You may of course like the tangible ‘hold it in your hand’ monthly magazine to give you the ideas you are after. There is something about a magazine that suggests ownership and having. Sometimes downloading a project may not sing to your creative senses sufficiently.

I like nothing better than sitting down to a cup of tea and going through a monthly magazine. I can anticipate the crafting pleasure to come. Mind you, I do allow myself to set aside that time – and I do not call it an indulgence. It is making the most of my investment in me!

Ideas can come to us from many sources.
– friends who have made projects
– weekly or monthly publications
– online subscriptions
– random as and when bookshop/craft fair/Expo purchases

If you are lucky enough to be expert on one area you may find you do not need to ‘spend’ money at all. Your spend will be entirely emotional as you absorb ideas, maybe write them down, take a photo, or get an inspiration.

Some people like to start their own Ideas Book. Make it as special, simple or elaborate as you like. You will want to pick it up and let your mind mull on the ideas inside. Pack it with photos, photos, scribblings, crayoning and fabric swatches etc. It will be a great resource to come back to late. All the great and good designers have one in their bags all the time!

The fashion, home and stationery industries are brimming with ideas. Just keep an eye on the news, gossip and must-have sections of the papers. If you are able to, take inspiration from your favorite artists.

In other words, have those antennae out all the time picking up possible ideas.

-share excellent websites
– recommend quality mags
– show a friend how to make something
– sit in on a class or run one yourself
– sign up for an online craft course

Be open and a sponge and you will find your natural ‘seek and find’ will draw you towards lots of great craft ideas.

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