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What do you do when you’re ready to sit down in your crafting area, and you don’t have a single craft idea?! Sometimes we want to make something, but we’re just not having a creative day. Where can we get a new craft idea to encourage the creative juices to start flowing again?

The internet is the prime target for finding a new craft idea to work with. The abundance of information you can find online is amazing. Sometimes you have to narrow down your search results or rephrase your search in order to get better results, but the craft idea you are looking for is out there some place! You can simply type “craft idea” in the search engine, and go through the results for more ideas than you’ll know what to do with! You’ll get a huge variety of topics with a generalized search term like “craft idea”. If you are looking for a specific kind of craft idea, you’ll need to be more specific. For example, if you know you want to work with clay, type “clay craft idea” in the search engine. If you’re looking for free patterns to follow for crotcheting or knitting- than that is what you’ll want to type in the search engine box.

Another way to come up with a new craft idea is to browse your favorite crafting magazines. You could read the articles for specific instructions on how to make a craft, or have a little more fun with it and just look at the pictures! When you find an item you like, use it as your craft idea and see if you can create something similar just by looking at the photograph!

Sometimes you can come up with a craft idea just by walking through your local craft supply store. Usually, the items you see will spark a craft idea you would like to attempt. The silk flowers might give you an idea to make a fancy, all season wreath to hang on your front door. The baking supplies might give you the idea to make fun shaped cakes for your child’s class party. Walking down the aisle of pretty glass containers can spark all sorts of interesting ideas, and many popular craft stores have fliers with a craft idea posted near the item it uses.

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