Weaving Can Make a Wonderful Hobby

Weaving is basically the method of manufacturing rugs, blankets and other pieces of clothes using the looms. The general technique of weaving is to cross two set of weaving materials like threads. There are various materials that the weavers use to make clothes like wool, cotton, silk, synthetic fibres etc. in fact the art of weaving is in practice from historical times. The ancient people used to weave different useful items using the natural ingredients like thin wood strips, long grasses, straw, palm leaves etc. In fact there are many faces of weaving technique apart from textile weaving like basket weaving, hat weaving and many more. This is the reason why it has emerged as one of the busiest industry of the world. The essential tool for a weaver is a weaving loom.

Cloth Weaving

Cloth weaving is probably the most important part of the weaving industry. Moreover it has been proved that fabric weaving is the oldest art of the world which was probably invented in the pre-historic ages. There are two types of weaving that are followed in the cloth weaving industry. One is the waft technique and the other is wrap. There are various methods of weaving like knit, chok, Mud mee, Mook Woven etc. Knit and Chok both are two different types of wafting methods. Chok weaving is more time consuming than knitting. The Mud mee art is a mixture of wrap and weft. Mook Woven is no more a widely used way of weaving. As a matter of fact machine weaving is gaining much popularity compared to hand weaving.

Basket Weaving

This is also known as basketry which involves weaving baskets from different flexible materials like wood strips and other fibers. In fact animal hair and threads are also used to weave baskets. There are quite a number of people who are their living as a basket maker. They often use vibrant dyes to color the twines used to make the basket and then weave them in atypical patterns in order to give the baskets a different look. Baskets are woven in different shapes and sizes. They are widely adored all over the world for their multiple usages.

Weaving Looms

Looms are the indispensable part of the weaving industry. There are different types of weaving looms available in the market from which the weaver chooses according to his preferences. The traditional looms are the counterbalance looms which work quickly and smoothly. Jack looms are more popular in the US as they are less costly and small in size. The countermarch looms are the ones that are made according to the European and Scandinavian pattern. Portable table looms and draw looms are quite popular in the weaving industry.

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