How To Make Simple And Attractive Printable Basket Weaving Patterns

Basket weaving is one of those few occupations, which people do as hobby too. The joys of making your own basket are simply unparalleled. It is really quite fun and interesting.

The job involves a variety of work, each of them equally fascinating. First of all you have to select the material with which you want to make your basket. Generally used materials are bamboo, birch bark, wood from black ash tree, cedar, palm trees, pine needle. While some of the exclusive baskets are made from unusual materials like porcupine quill, horsehair, cattail and devil’s claw which is a type of plant.

Then there are many different types of basket making techniques. You can divide those techniques in basically 4 categories. First of all you have coiled baskets where a bundle of rods or strands are weaved together to form a spiraling round or oval form. Encircling a base material by two or more any flexible elements like roots, cedar bark, reed etc can create twined type. Woven baskets have rigid stakes with flexible elements oven in and out to form a weft. Materials like willow, paper, and wood splint can be used. Lastly we have the technique called plaited which is made by weaving together like materials at right angles in horizontal, vertical or diagonal orientations.

You can create a pattern out of your imagination or take the help of available patterns from magazines, Internet etc. There is a range of patterns both complicated and simple to choose from. If you are just starting on basket weaving then a very good option for you is printable basket weaving patterns. All you need to do is search the net for any suitable pattern, print it and get it on your basket.

Following is an example to make a simple yet attractive printable basket weaving pattern. Firstly obviously you have to select a pattern according to your choice of basket and it’s material. Then print out the pattern on a gloss paper of good quality. You can either choose a paper basket on which the design can be easily pasted or choose any other suitable material that allows paper to stick to it. For the paper basket, cut out the outlines carefully. Crease along all the fold lines. Then you need to fold the sides of your paper basket up and fold the tabs towards the inside of the basket. Glue the tabs and paste your printable basket weaving pattern on it carefully and neatly.

This simple activity can be a great idea of craft and design for kid’s activity. Weaving complicated cannot be possible for kids but they will definitely enjoy selecting and pasting the printable basket weaving pattern on a pre-made basket.

Basket weaving is quite a technical job but it is also very relaxing and soothing. The finished basket gives you a great sense of accomplishment. Above all it is an inexpensive way of making beautiful gifts, which people love to receive and give.

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